The previous season ended with Smurf’s (Ellen Barkin) death and the current episode starts with the boys starting to run the empire without her guidance. They know they this is not easy but this is not the right time to back out and have to step up so that they need to stay in the game. In the last episode of season 4, Smurf kills Jed and Odin, where she introduced as Pope’s uncle and cousin. Jed dies in the shootout along with Odin and his family members.

animal kingdom season 5 spoilers

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This is the time to.tske revenge. The top contenders of the lead. Cody Empire in ‘Animal Kingdom’ season 5. Today’s episode starts with Pope (Shawn Hatosy), Deran (Ben Robson), Craig (Jake Weary), and Joshua (Finn Cole) are talking about the

situation and figure out what they can do next. They find a few bags of gold worth millions and Pope tries to decide to give the gold back to his cousins. He goes to the shop with Craig and talk about the gold. When they reach the place, they see that Jen and Odin’s son were already there.

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They got some vital information about Smurf. Pope has become the leader of a group. He is making the decision for the clan as he is the eldest of them all. Craig makes a plan to keep the gold and to kill Odin and other cousins.

But he says that they will not kill their cousins and asks him to calm down. Pope and Craig reach the place and see that this is still closed. They barge into it only to find about a house they have no idea about. Smurf has an apartment where she visits many times and no one knows about it.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 1 Review

She used this to hide her fake passport and many secret things. Both of the groups reaches the plane and Pope says that we have decide to return the gold and leave the place after they returned. Smurf is back to her normal life where

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she is with her children, Andrew and Julia. They tries to follow in the footsteps of their mother and have already start stealing a little thing from the supermarket. Deran and Craig gets to know about their wills and they read it. They are shocked to know that a woman Pamela Johnson who tried to get everything that Smurf owned.

They were still thinking about and then suddenly the electricity is off and Odin reached the residence with others to kill the Cody Boys. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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