On 2nd May 2021, Satyajit Ray was born on the same date and marks 100 years. To give tribute to the legend, an artist paid a poignant and relevant tribute to Satyajit Ray on his 100th birth anniversary. The name of the artist went viral after giving the tribute to the legendary filmmaker of the Indian Cinema and his films have been appreciated by the cine world around the world. Now, the artist who loves his projects and direction gives him a very soulful and brilliant tribute to his art. The artist living in Mumbai and his name is Aniket Mitra.

aniket mishra

He celebrated the historical day by sharing a picture of Satyajit Ray’s iconic film posters amid the COVID times. The artist took ten films by Satyajit Ray to create the picture during this dangerous and hilarious situation. If we talk about the names of the films that he took to create the tribute then the names are Pather Panchali, Devi, Nayak, Seemabaddha, Jana Aranya, Mahanagar, Ashani Sanket, and more. Also, he shows the local people who suffer from the pandemic situation and dreaded virus in India.

If we talk about the posters, then the post of Pather Panchali showing a healthcare worker driving an ambulance while wearing a PPE suit. On the other hand, the second poster of Devi shows a doctor helping a newborn baby, and both the personalities who appear in the picture wear protective pieces of equipment. If we talk about the poster of Seemabaddha then it shows police officials who working regularly working in this terrific situation after wearing a face mask and face shield.

He created a total of 10 posters that shows the current situation of India. His art went viral on the internet and collects lots of love and appreciation. Also, it will be a very genuine and unique tribute to the legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray on his 100th birth anniversary. Currently, the post that Aniket Mitra shared in his official Facebook account holds 4,000 likes and 3,300 shares. The numbers continuously increasing and many people appreciating the art that Aniket Mitra showed in the current situation. If you want to know more interesting and exciting details related to the current updates then stay connected with us and keep your identity up to date.


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