A piece of big news came on the internet, that Former Television host Andrew O’Keefe has been charged with assaulting a woman at a Sydney apartment. The former host of Channel Seven’s sunrise was apprehended by the police at his Kent street util at 4:30 am today.

Andrew O'Keefe Arrested

This is news is getting a viral note web in a speedy manner. This is very shameful news, and his fans are upset due to this act. Here are several things for telling to you, you are on the right page for getting the right information. We will tell you the entire matter in this article. Let’s continue the article, keep reading.

Andrew O’Keefe Arrested?

According to the report, Andrew O’Keefe will remain in custody tonight after he likely grabbed a woman business partner by the throat before Punching her. This afternoon he was charged with two counts of intentionally deliberately choking a person without their consent, three counts of common assault, and one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

He has come into the headlines due to the allegations against him. Cops will allege the 50-year-old assaulted his business partner while an abusive argument at his home, and this incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon. This allegation can ruin his name which he made in the community. Keep reading.

In a statement, NSW Police alleged: “An abusive argument ensued between the duo before the man allegedly assaulted the lady-grabbing partner by the throat, pushing her to the ground and started punching her. ” police are doing further investigation to find the entire matter. Keep reading.

Former TV Host Andrew O’Keefe Charges Explained!

O’Keefe, well known for hosting the reality game show Deal or No Deal, was also a former ambassador for white Ribbon- an organization that works to combat violence against women. He was awarded an order of Australia medal in 2017 for “significant service to the broadcast media as a television presenter and to social welfare and charitable organizations.”

He has gained amazing popularity through his work in his entire career. On the basis of the available report, which indicates that he has a good net worth. Let us tell you, He has been refused bail, he is due to appear at Central Local Court on Friday.

We are observing, these type of cases is increasing day by day. Let’s see what will happen next in the case, and what will be the punishment if these allegations will find true. Stay tuned for more updates.


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