Today, we are going to talk about the person who was a Hillsborough survivor and repeatedly proved doctors wrong for 32 years. Yes, Andrew Devine from Mossley Hills was 22 years old when he went to watch the highly anticipated match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup semi-final.

Andrew Devine

Andrew Devine Cause of Death

The match was organized in Sheffield on 15th April 1989. Suddenly, there was a fatal human crash that happened during a football match in which Andrew Devine got several serious injuries. But, he survived the accident and live his life in a wheelchair. Sadly, he has died today at the age of 55 years.

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A coroner’s investigation in Liverpool today ruled that he was killed illegally as a result of the disaster, making him the 97th victim. On the day of his accident, Andrew was not expected to survive a single day as his chest was crushed and due to the fatal crash, his brain was deprived of oxygen.

The accident was actually very dreaded as it was Britain’s worst-ever sporting disaster that took 96 fellows Liverpool supporters who were illegally killed. Even when Andrew was able to survive the first 24 hours, doctors warned his parents that he might be dead within six months as no one can live his life much after suffered from such injuries.

Andrew Devine Family, Wife, Images

Andrew Devine lives 32 years of his life after the dreaded accident that totally stunned all the doctors. Despite he was only confined to a wheelchair, he was unable to speak but able to eat. The love of the family Andrew for him continuously increasing but they all break on the evening of 28th July 2021.

On 28th July 2021, his family issued the official statement that Andrew Devine is no more and he took his long sleep of peace. The statement read, “It is with great sadness and a sense of immense loss that we can confirm that Andrew Devine passed away yesterday at the premature age of 55”.

Now, everyone who suffered some injuries in the accident that happened in Sheffield on 15th April 1989 during the match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup semi-final, was died and not able to survive from such dreaded injuries. Only Andrew Devine was the one who regularly proved all the doctors wrong continuously by living his life.

All the doctors claimed that he was not expected to live more than six months after the accident but he lives 32 years with such injuries and proved all the doctors wrong. So, on 28th July 2021, Andrew Devine died because of his injuries or health-related issues and his family members mourn his demise.


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