American swimmer Anita Alvarez Video Shows Saved From drowning by Coach Andrea Fuentes: It was horrible to see a swimmer unconscious in the mid of the FINA World Championship, according to the source, a swimmer named Anita Alvarez went unconscious during the championship. Anita Alvarez was participating in the FINA World Championship held in Budapest but a tragedy happened during the championship. Since people have watched the horrible scene at the FINA world championship they have gone restless and keen to know how is Anita Alvarez and how is her health condition right now. But do you really know who rescued her and who noticed that Anita Alvarez had gone unconscious during the championship? Follow More Updates On

andrea fuentes anita alvarez video

Andrea Fuentes & Anita Alvarez Video

If not then this article will serve you in a better way. We have covered the story of Anita Alvarez’s unconsciousness at the Fina World Championship comprehensibly. You are advised to stick with this page and have a look below to learn more about it.

Anita Alvarez is an American swimmer who lost consciousness in the pool during the mid-routine. Anita Alvarez was participating as a solo swimmer in the final of the FINA World Championship that took place in Budapest but suddenly she sunk to the surface of the pool and Anita Alvarez’s coach was the first man to notice her unconsciousness in the pool. Andrea Fuentes is the coach of the American swimmer who went unconscious during the mid-routine in the pool. Keep reading this article to learn more about this headline.

Anita Alvarez’s Video Explained

Andrea Fuentes was noticing Anita Alvarez from the poolside and Andrea did not waste a second to realize something strange was happening with Anita Alvarez, and Andrea jumped into the pool in order to reduce Anita Alvarez. Andrea was so quick to save Anita Alvarez as she even beat the lifeguard. After rescuing Anita Alvarez, Andrea told to the Spanish publication known as MARCA. What did Andrea say about after the incident? Let’s find out this in the next section.

Andrea said, “it was a scary moment, I had to dive into the pool because the lifeguards were not supposed to do it fast.” She also added, “I scared quite enough because Anita Alvarez was not breathing and had lost her consciousness.” But what about Anita Alvarez? How is she? According to her coach Andrea, Anita Alvarez is fine and she has gained consciousness again. The medical team has consulted her and everything is fine her heart rate, oxygen level, and blood pressure all is okay.


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