Is Andre Boisclair Married? Prisoned Quebec Politician For Sexual Assault: A name is getting viral on the web and taking the attention of the people. Yes, we are talking about Andre Boisclair making headlines because of some sexual assault. This name is getting viral on the web. He is in the suspicious eyes because of the allegation of assault. Not only another question is also increasing on the web. is he married or single? So let us tell you he is single, he is not a married man. We will tell you the reason for the single status below the article. People are curious to know why has he been charged with the allegations. Read the complete article. Follow More Updates On

Andre Boisclair

Is Andre Boisclair Married?

As per the report, He was born in Montreal and is most known for his period as the leader of the Parti Québécois. He was brought up in a wealthy, francophone area of Montreal. His climb into politics was obvious given that he received his schooling from College Jean-de-Brebeuf and held the position of president of the  Federation of Quebec College Students. His schooling ended when he entered the government, but after that, he went back to the John F. Kennedy School of Government to clear his Master of Public Administration.

Who Is Andre Boisclair?

Let us tell you he is not married and there is a reason not to be married. Let us tell you, he has said openly gay and does not have a wife. Let us tell you about Andre Boisclair, a Canadian-born and become the first openly gay leader of a party with law-making representation, is single and doesn’t have any kids or a husband.

Andre Boisclair Sexual Assault

Before, being called a sexual predator, he was respected as a hero in Canada’s LGBTQ+ community for giving other queer Youngsters the to continue their dreams. His image has also been ruined due to his use of cocaine and excessive partying, however, the sexual assault case was the term that caused his reputation to crumble. After attempting the sexually abuse two men, Quebec politician Andre Boisclair was given a massive 2 years in jail.

The previous leader of the Parti Quebecois talk about regret since the two men’s actions had a terrible effect on their health and entail a  much heavier punishment. We have used our best sources to provide the whole information about the news. If we get any further details we will tell you first at the same site. Stay tuned for more updates.


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