The American television series that explores the various topic of the world which is far away from the world. The show explores that world where ancient astronaut’s hypotheses, UFOs, conspiracies of Government, and extraterrestrial contacts of the humans will be seen. We are talking about the History channel’s show “Ancient Aliens” which is currently, running its 17th season on its original network, History.

anicent aliens season 17

Now, the season is coming back with 2nd episode, and the most important thing, when the 2nd episode of Ancient Aliens Season 2 will release? The 16th season ended on March 12, 2021 in which 10 episodes were total.

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Now, the 17th season is going on and fans are too excited to watch the next episode of the season as the first episode was released on August 6, 2021, and it’s time to watch the 2nd episode.

The title of the episode is “The Human Experiment”. Kevin Burns is an executive producer of the show. The show has been running since March 2009, and now, it has been more than 10 years and fans are still watching this fabulous show.

In the first episode, it was seen that the interrogating archaeologists of Peru because some documents were seen missing from the sculpture which doesn’t seem that it was created by humankind. Well, the episode did not reach a conclusion and left many things behind.

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Still, it is unclear for watchers that it was made by humans or some other creatures have done with this. Now, it will be interesting to see that next episode that will reveal many things about the sculpture.

Ancient Aliens Season 17 Episode 2: Release Date

The watchers are excited to watch the next episode as soon as possible and if you search the release date so, it is also not available on Wikipedia. Well, we have information of the upcoming episode and when it will be released. So, episode 2 will hit the screen on August 13, 2021. The episode will have the title “The Human Experiment”. The upcoming episode will show the further details of the sculpture and who made this, Aliens or Human.

Well, the Roswell incident will be discussed in the episode as the incident happened in 1947 where a discussion of a floating saucer was seen near New Mexico. In the same year, the Roswell Army Air Field released a statement by saying that they have reached the Flying Disc and later, it was removed and claimed that it was a fallen object which is a weather balloon.

But later, in 1970, the lieutenant colonel said that the weather balloon was just a rumor to cover the research of Unidentified Flying Objects. Many things had been covered at the moment. Now, let’s see what will be seen in the upcoming episode and what is the reality behind the Roswell Incident.


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