Here we are sharing a piece of news with you. Who would have thought that there will be a rivalry among men around the world for having the longest penis? one study seems to have set it on fire because the new findings have uncovered some facts which are making several people judge now. From the longest to the shortest penis, research involving 86 countries has given some incredible results. Here we have more information about the news and we will share it with you in this article, so let’s starts the article.

According to the study, American men’s penises in the united states rank 59th in the world. This is not wrong because Cambodian men take the last position. American man’s Penises are shorter than their Haitian, French, and Australian cousins, with an average lenght of 5.35 inches. when Cambodian men’s penises consider just 3.95 inches when erect. The French man’s private parts are 6.20 inches long. While Australia’s are 5.69 inches long. Furthermore, Halti men was an average penis size of 6.30 inches when erect.  Below the article, you will find several things about the news. Here we are telling you authentic information about the news. Read the complete article for getting better information.

American Men’s Penises Rank 59th Globally?

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The average size of men in the United States was 5.17 inches, slightly larger than of men in the United Kingdom. “Most men wondered at some time or other if their penis is big enough,” said Navin Khosla, a pharmacist, and representative for the company that conducted the study. They added, “Penis size can have a massive impact on confidence and self-image.” Now that we know this, who then takes the first place? It’s the Ecuadorian men whose penises measure 6.95 inches on average.

Do you know that some men not affiliated with Ecuador went viral because they had the longest manhood? Roberto Esquivel Cabrera from Mexico boasts that he has the world’s largest penis. He declared that his privates are 18.9 inches long, this is disputed. In 2015, after a Cabrera has made a news video of him measuring his manhood has gone viral. Sadly, sexual encounters are unbearable due to Roberto’s enormous penis. He has urinary tract infections frequently and keeps his manhood wrapped in bandages to avoid chaffing. Stay tuned for more updates.


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