As we all know that Amazon is emerging as one of the tech-giant companies. It is having it’s various apps and now it has released one new app without much publicity.

The app is a web browser for android devices. What is special about the app. This web browser of Amazon is launched in ‘lite’ version and claimed to be lighter than any other app. It is designed to utilize the less space on the device which is under 2 MB, which is small enough. It also ensures a private user experience as it does not demands any other additional information or permission. This app also claims not to collect any private data, which other browsers does.

Amazon , Lite Browsing App

The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store. App makers say that this app will run on all devises which are using Androidn5.0 and upper versions.

This app is having a section which combines all the news from the world and then shows it on the home page just like other browsers like Google Chrome do. The users will be able to see the news and will also be getting live preview and automatic fullscreen mode.

The another feature revealed is that it has an option private windows which restricts to show browsing history in their devices. The app is now available but the app is not supported now. It has been estimated that Amazon browsing app is developed in India itself.

Amazon has launched many other lite apps earlier also like Amazon Kindle Lite, it is the app which allows user to read books in very less data and also works with less data speed.


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