Another chance of winning Rs. 10,000 in Amazon pay steadiness will be available on the Amazon website. The app each day quiz is back again so the interested ones can visit the website or the Amazon application to win the Rs. 10.000 by answering the 5 questions in Amazon App Quiz. The Amazon app Quiz has been started on 26th April and the everyday app quiz will contain the 5 questions which you need to give the accurate answer to all to qualify the quiz. The Amazon App Quiz will start at 12:00 am and will last till 12:00 Pm.

Amazon App Quiz 26th April 2021

So you have a whole day to participate in this quiz to try your luck of winning this huge amount by answering 5 questions. To win this amount on Amazon, you require to have a great knowledge of the current affairs of India. There are some steps to participate in Amazon App Quiz are as follows:

  • Download the Amazon Application from the play store
  • Sign in with your email id or mobile number
  • Click on the option “Amazon Quiz”

Que.1) Which country often make chocolate likenesses of the rabbit-sized marsupial -the Bilby, during Easter?
Ans. Australia

Que.2) In which city Pandit Ravi Shankar was born on 7th April, is known as a Pilgrimage Spot also?
Ans. Varanasi

Que.3) Which tournament generally the first Masters 1000 events of the ATP season has postponed sue to COVID-19?
Ans. Indian Wells

Que.4) Name the animal which may encounter on the way to Mount Everest?
Ans. Yak

Que.5) Name the memorial which is dedicated to the great leader?
Ans. Martin Luther King JNR

These are the correct answers to the questions update in the 26th April Amazon App Quiz. The lucky ones have already got their prize to answer each of them correctly. You can also be eligible for the prize if you participate in this quiz. The quiz is still running on the Amazon App and it can make you win this huge amount by answering these questions. to win the prize on the application, one must prepare themselves to face defeat if they don’t have any knowledge till now.

The benefit of this quiz is to enhance the knowledge that might help you qualify for the competitive exams as well. On the Amazon App Quiz, you will get the questions of current affairs of India and general knowledge. If you failed to qualify for the quiz then start keeping an eye on the events occurring in our country. It will be helping you to win this amount someday. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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