Who was Amanda Aldridge and what was her cause of death? Google Doodle pays tribute to British opera singer: On 17 June, Google Doodle paid tribute to the British composer, singer, and teacher Amanda Aldridge. Google Doodle beautifully presented Amanda Christina Elizabeth Aldridge under the nodes of music, with “GOOGLE” written below, in golden color. Google Doodle on Friday, used its classic logo to merge it with the historical lady Amanda Aldridge. Follow UptoBrain.com For More Updates

Amanda Aldridge

Who was Amanda Aldridge?

Amanda Aldridge is known as a mighty lady in the music industry. She composed more than 30 songs with the stage name Montage Ring. On 17 June 1911, Amanda Christina Elizabeth Aldridge performed her piano music at the pre-war principal concert venue, the Queens Small Hall in the BBC Symphony and London Philharmonic Orchestras.

Amanda Christina Elizabeth Aldridge was born on March 10, 1866, in Upper Norwood, London. She was a British composer, singer, and teacher. Amanda Christina Elizabeth Aldridge had composed delighted songs such as Suites, Sambas, and Light orchestral pieces under the pseudonym of Montague Ring. Her father was Ira Fredrick Aldridge, who was an African-American actor. Amanda Aldridge’s mother was Amanda Brandt, she was a Swedish resident.

Amanda Aldridge Death Cause

Amanda Christina Elizabeth Aldridge was the sister among 2 sisters Rachael and Luranah, and 2 brothers, Ira Daniel, and Ira Frederick. Amanda Christina Elizabeth Aldridge lost her life when she was 89 years old on 9th March 1956, in London. She died just one day before her 90th birth anniversary. Amanda Aldridge did the study of voice from Jenny Lind and George Henschel at the Royal College of Music in London. She had also done the study of Harmony and the counterpoint with Frederick Bridge and Francis Edward Gladstone.

When Amanda Aldridge completed her studies of music, then she worked as a concert singer, voice teacher, and piano accompanist. But because of one-throat circumstances, she had to stop her concert presence. Despite the fact, that she would not be able to work much because of excessive problems in her throat, she continued to teach her students and she also published some of her songs from 1907 to 1925.

How did Amanda Aldridge die?

Amanda Aldridge had students from London’s politically-active Black middle classes, Amy Barbour-James, Barbour James’ daughter, son of Dr. John Alcindor Frank Alcindor, and Alice the sister of the composer Samuel Coleridge-Taylor. According to her family, she always took care of her entire family, even if she had to put her career behind her. Amanda Aldridge’s sister Luranah Aldridge shares, that one day in 1921, when her sister was not fine, then Amanda Aldridge canceled to present in a meeting with the second Pan-African Congress. Amanda Aldridge told to the Pan-African Congress, that they knew her sister was not fine, and she could not leave her even for a minute. Amanda Aldridge’s famous works include, “An Assyrian Love Song” by the Elkin & Co. in 1921, and “Azalea” the Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew, in 1907.


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