Wednesday A 22-year boy in Rohini sector 11 hanged himself after getting tortured by singer Sumit Goswami and two more. His father Shri Ram Niwas filed complaints against Suman (Neha Jindal), Sumit Goswami, and Vipin Khatri. Police investigate the case and searching for the proofs. There you will get all the information which is collected from the Aman Baisla’s Uploaded videos on his social media accounts.

22 Year Old Boy Of Rohini Hanged Himself & Upload Video On Facebook, Tourched By Sumit Goswami?

Late Aman Baisla posted total Six videos on his Instagram and full video on Facebook account before attempt suicide. He disclosed all the things between them with proofs. He also gives proofs of chats, recordings, and other related proofs. In the video disclosed how they tortured him for the last 1 year and the girl did fraud of approx 10 lakh rupees with him.

The Boy also described how he knows the girl (Neha Jindal) and what is the full reason behind all the blackmailing threatens & Extortion. He mentioned that he was getting threatened by Sumit Goswami for this matter. He shows the chats and voice recording where Sumit Goswami was threatening him.

He started a hotel amenities business with Neha by taking a loan amount of 5 lakh rupees from the girl’s father. Due to some reasons, the girl opts out of his business and working with Sumit Goswami. Vipin Khatri is Sumit Goswami’s friend. As per the video of Aman Baisla’s last videos of Aman Baisla he was talking about that Neha suddenly went far away with Aman’s Hyundai Verna which is purchased on loan In the Name Of Neha’s Mother and blackmail him for demands for more money.

Update about the Aman Baisla’s case.

On Saturday 4 October there has been news appear that people want Justice for Aman Baisla and demand the action against culprits by preparing protest and Jam Rohini. As per information, Aman belonged to Gurjar caste and on social media along with Gurjar groups, other people also demand Justice and ready to protest at Aman Baisla’s house at Rohini Sector 11 Delhi-110085. The timing of this protest is @12pm on Sunday 4 October 2020. Let’s make the change and demand justice for Aman Baisla.



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