Alt Balaji is all set to entertain the audiences soon with the second season of Baarish. Ever since the first season ended, there is a curiosity among the audiences about what this season is going to serve them. In the previous season, Gauravi was sent to the jail which made everyone upset and at the same time raised many questions which will be covered in the upcoming one.

Enthralling the fans, the show makers have shared the news of its teaser, which will be out on April 25 with that the show is all set to make a comeback to the screen in the second season along with well-known actors from the industry, Asha Negi and Sharman Joshi, as well as Priya Banerjee, Manit Jaura, Sahil Shroff along with some new faces too.

The first season of the romantic drama shows the incomplete love story of a middle-class girl and a wealthy businessman, Gauravi (Asha Negi) and Anuj (Sharman Joshi) in the lead who faces the difficulties of maintaining relationships as well as their responsibilities towards their respective families.

ALT Balaji Baarish Season 2 release date

Anuj and Gauravi get married when their family forces them, as they love seeing them together. Although Anuj’s brother does not like Gauravi. Soon they started living apart because of their families. They start blaming each other instead of supporting each other during difficult times. However, Gauravi takes care of Anuj and his family during the hardships. Anuj’s mother insists him to bring Gauravi back home but he denies.

Later in season 1, the police arrested Anuj for illegal business practices that were actually conducted by his brother. Gauravi does everything she can to bring him back home. She takes the blame for the crime because she also has a share in the company and police releases Anuj and arrests Gauravi. Since Gauravi gets imprisoned, the two get separated. So what turns their life will take after this, remains to be seen! Will Gauravi and Anuj come together? If they do, will their relationship be the same? Soon you will get answers to all these questions in Season 2. Till then, stay connected with us, for the latest releases and news of the entertainment world!


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