It has been a long time since the LaLiga Series has been running and fans are excited to watch the next match of the series. Well, here are lots of the matches that have already taken place and we have shared some details to the fans. According to the latest updates, team Almeria (ALM) and team Girona (GIR) is going to face each other on the football ground and this match will be wonderful like ever before. Here are 22 teams in this league who have played lots of matches before and every single team has played more than 30 matches.

ALM vs GIR Live Score

Through this article, we are going to share some important details of the match and it is also important to share with everyone that both teams who are going to play this match are the topmost teams of the league. Oscoz G. is going to be a refree of the match. Well, some of the players of the teams are the key players such as Srdan Babic, Chumi, Arvin Appiah, Valery Fernandez, Pol Lozano, Oscar Urena, and Sergio Akieme Rodriguez will be the best players of the league. You can add them in your Dream11 teams and can become a part of the latest match.

ALM vs GIR: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Almeria (ALM) vs Girona (GIR)
  • League:- LaLiga League
  • Venue:- Estadio de los Juegos Mediterráneos (Almería)
  • Date:- Monday, March 28, 2022
  • Time:- 12:30 AM IST

ALM vs GIR: Team Squad

Almeria (ALM):- G Makaridze, Diego Fuoli, Fernando Martinez, Aitor Bunuel, Juanjo Nieto, Rodrigo Ely, Chumi Brandariz, Daniel Carrico, Cuenca, Ivan Martos, Sergio Akieme, Alex Centelles, S Babic, Nelson Monte, Aitor Punal, Inigo Eguaras, Cesar de la Hoz, Curro Sanchez, Jose Carlos Lazo, Arnau Puigmal, Mamadou Sylla, L Robertone, Portillo, Javi Robles, Alejandro Pozo, Samu Costa, Juan Villar, U Sadiq, Dyego Sousa, A. Appiah, Carlos Rojas, Raul Caballero, L Ramazani, and Carlos Gillbert.

Girona (GIR):- Juan Carlos, Jonatan Morilla, Ortola, B Espinosa, Juanpe, Junca, Eric Monjonell, Arnau Martinez, S Bueno, Loic Williams, Biel Farres, Jairo Izquierdo, I Kebe, Victor Sanchez, Alex Baena, Samuel Saiz, Ivan Martin, Pol Lozano, Borja Garcia, Alex Sala, Dawda Camara, Unai Hernandez, Valery, Aleix Garcia, Ramon Terrats, Oscar Urena, Ricard Artero, Joel Casals, C Stuani, Pablo Moreno, Gabriel Martinez, D Sarmiento, N Bustos, and Suleiman Camara.

ALM vs GIR: Team Squad

Almeria (ALM):- Fernando Martinez, Mamadou Dialla Sylla, Carlos Humberto Rojas Mosquera, Francisco Portillo, Sergio Akieme Rodriguez, Srdan Babic, Chumi, Aitor Punal Rodriguez, Diego Fuoli, Ivan Martos, and Jose Carlos Lazo.

Girona (GIR):- Bernardo Espinosa, Aleix Garcia, Alex Sala, Borja Garcia, Pol Lozano, Nahuel Bustos, Pablo Moreno, Adrian Ortola, Jair Izquierdo, Martinez Arnau, and Valery Fernandez.

ALM vs GIR: Match Prediction

Both teams have already played their 32 matches each and now, it will be the 33rd match for them. As we can see that team ALM is at the 2nd spot with 19 victories and 8 loss. Another side, team GIR is at the 5th spot with 15 victories and 10 lost matches. According to the sources, team ALM has more chances once again to win this match as they have been winning their last two matches.


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