Alison Steinberg Viral Video Explained: News Journalist Alison Steinberg of One America News shared a post on their Instagram account. Journalist Alison Steinberg expressed her anger at the pride flag in the post, she put on her Instagram account. After several reports on the post, the Instagram authority deleted the video from the platform. Follow More Updates On

Alison Steinberg

Who Is Alison Steinberg?

Journalist Alison Steinberg commented on the LGBTQ+ community. Expressing her anger, the Journalist said, that the people who were present in the video that she post, as the members of the LGBTQ+ community were not from America. After Alison Steinberg’s post, the netizens started questioning, especially about the month of June which is celebrated as Pride Month.

Alison Steinberg mentioned in her post that Huntington Beach is considered to be a good town, traditional, and known for the hard-working people from America. The town was not close even when there was a Coronavirus pandemic spreading all around the world. According to her, people are peddling such kind of garbage, and there should only be an American flag indicating the flag of the LGBTQ+ community. Whatever is happing in the city, should have an end very soon.

Alison Steinberg Viral Video

The Journalist also mentioned that the person running this champion should be fired, and would never be allowed to work again. In the end Journalist, Alison Steinberg said it by shouting, that America should be formed great again, and Huntington Beach should also be made great again. Reacting to the statement made by Journalist Alison Steinberg many netizens slammed her for her opinion and the kind of disrespected words she used in her video.

The news Journalist of the One American News, Alison Steinberg is one of the most popular anchors in America. Being a Journalist, she is also a right-wing radial contributor. Journalist Alison Steinberg’s age is around 25 or 28. She was born in the TBA of California. Journalist Alison Steinberg started to do anchoring when she was only 17 or 18 and shortly sustained lots of fame as she had posted lots of videos on her Instagram account.

Alison Steinberg’s Video Explained

Journalist Alison Steinberg usually posts her videos on social media such as Instagram and TikTik. She is also a very active user. Alison Steinberg normally expresses her opinion on all the current events, but most of the time her opinions are a criticism of the netizens. Even the Journalist has made several statements, that have put the netizens questioning her for her statement. In recent times, Alison criticized the American President Joe Biden, when the prices of the gas and groceries items were increased by the President. She also commented on the LGBTQ+ community supporting Ukraine.


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