On Saturday, one of the most talented personalities leaves everyone in a deep feeling of sorrow. Yes, we are talking about Ali Zafar’s Idol, his grandfather (Nana) Mohammad Amin because he died on Saturday. The day was actually the worst for the famous and reputed star. The confirmed news of his death was also announced by Ali Zafar on his official Twitter account. Just after the celebrity announced the heart-breaking news, many people all over the world paying their soulful tribute to his grandfather and regularly giving lots of blessings to the family. The actor announced the news on Twitter and actually he was very upset after losing his Idol since childhood.

Ali Zafar’s Grandfather Mohammad Amin Passes Away

Not only this, but he also said that he never expresses his feelings in some lines as his grandfather actually deserves much more which never ever explained in words. Along with an emotional message, Ali Zafar also shared lots of throwback pictures with his grandfather.

He is very upset as he never thought that his grandfather leaves him very soon. All over the world, many people paying soulful tributes to the personality and giving support to the family to suffer from this terrific time.

If we talk about the confirmed statement of Ali Zafar then he shared “My Nana, Mohammad Amin, who I was very close to & has always been my idol since childhood- a self-made man, who taught us the importance of hard work, honesty, compassion, and care for others passed away today”. Along with it, the singer also urged his millions of fans to pray for his Nana. Now, millions of people all over the world paying soulful and emotional tribute to his grandfather as he deserves such respect.

His grandfather passed away on Saturday and the famous Pakistani singer announced the heartbreaking news to his all fans. The singer shared lots of pictures on his official Twitter account and after he shared the news, millions of fans of Ali Zafar start giving their deepest condolences to the family as well as start praying for his soul. The pictures actually showing the pure love of Ali Zafar for his Nana and everyone giving their support to the family and the famous singer. Our deepest condolences to the renowned singer and his family as they are going through a very hard time.


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