Recently, the very interesting news is coming from Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) where English Batsman Alex Hales took a meticulous gibe. The motive of making comments on PCB is getting poor quality of food that was offered to him by PCB. The batsman posts an image of the food to his Instagram story and shows the services offered by the PCB. Hales is a very popular cricketer who contains a very huge fanbase across the world. Now, the cricketer coming into highlights by sharing the picture of bad service from PCB. The cricketer currently went to the country to participate in the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

Alex Hales

Let us also tell you that, Alex Hales currently playing from Islamabad United and giving their outstanding performance from the side of the team. The incident happened on Thursday morning when the batsman opening his morning meal. When he opened it then the food is totally waste and bad quality. The cricketer took a picture of the food and post it to his Instagram story with the caption of “Toast, omelet, and, baked beans”. If we talk about the image then it shows two eggs in which one was completely waste and a toast that not baked.

It was totally astonishing that the quality of eggs was really waste and poor. The unopened pack of food maybe containing the baked beans but in what condition was not mentioned by the batsman. So, the incident was actually very shocking because the PCB has to maintain some respect for all the cricketers, and also the board has to take full care of all the cricketers. All the fans who following the cricketer were amazed after knowing the incident. When the incident took place on social media then the fans totally astonish after knowing about it.

If we talk about the PSL 2021 then the match that was scheduled to be held on Thursday was postponed due to three players tested positive for COVID-19. The fans are very shocked after knowing about the incident that happened with the batsman. On Thursday, Alex Hales was got a very bad quality meal that totally astonishes the batsman. When he took the picture on his Instagram story then the fans are completely shocked. So, if you know more details related to the topic then stick with us to keep your identity up to date.


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