Alex Acosta Victims killed in AstroWorld Festival Bio Images Age And Details Eight people died at the event of the Astroworld Festival stampede in which rapper Travis Scott and Drake were the performers in the event. A lawsuit has been filed against Travis Scott, Drake, and co-organizers of the event. Many controversies have been made over this incident and people are paying tribute to the people who lost their lives in this tragic accident. The event took place at NRG Park in Houston this Friday, November 5, 2021, where almost 50,000 people were present at the event. Since the incident took place, the officials have been exploring every single angle from the bottom of this case.

Who Was Alex Acosta? One of the eight victims killed in AstroWorld Festival

Who Is Alex Acosta?

According to the reports of the Houston Fire Department Chief Samuel Pena described the horrible crowd in the event and the Houston Chief of Police, Troy Finner noted that using the needles and drugs can not be ruled out there. Several eyewitnesses have shared the incident nights with police. According to the official reports, Alex Acosta has been identified as a victim out of those eight victims who were killed in this incident. A 23-years-old man resident of Austin, Kristian Paredes filed a lawsuit against Travis Scott, Drake, and the organizers of the event. In the court documents, Kristian Paredes claimed Drake helped Travis Scott to incite the crowd. Now, he is seeking $1 million for his injuries suffered at the event and medical expenses during his treatment.

Alex Acosta Victims killed in AstroWorld Festival Bio Images Age And Details

Several social media netizens are claiming that whatever happened at the event, was totally dishearted and the organizers should have understood. Along with this, many social media users have been paying tribute to Alex Acosta. Let’s find who is Alex Acosta?

Alex Acosta is one of the eight victims who died at the Astroworld Festival. Alex was identified when the Managing Editor KHOU, Bill Bishop tweeted a description of a man the Harris Count Institute of Forensic Sciences needed help identifying a man who died at the AstroWorld Festival. After a few hours, Alex Acosta’s father, Edgar Acosta identified Alex and confirmed that he was his 21-years-old son. According to the latest report, Alex was a student of Computer Science at Western Washington University.

While, Alex Acosta’s aunt named Cynthia Acosta told to media that it was the first time when Alex traveled alone for Scott’s concert and he was attending such a major event the first time. Edgar also filed a missing complaint against his son.

Rapper Travis Scott shared an apology video on his Instagram account and expressed his feelings about the incident. He was heartbroken. TV star, Kylie Jenner showed her support for Scott.


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