Who Is Alden Bunag? Hawaii Teacher Arrested with distributing child p@rn: A piece of Shocking news surfaced as a Hawaii-based teacher was caught sharing videos of children doing vulgar stuff. The news has been coming from Honolulu, Hawaii. A teacher has been apprehended for sharing vulgar content with small children. The name of the shameless teacher is Alden Bunag. The federal prosecutors said that he has been sharing these illicit videos and pictures with another teacher that is living on the mainland. He also admitted to having physical intimacy with a 13-year-old student. Follow UptoBrain.com For More Updates

Alden Bunag Hawaii Teacher

Who Is Alden Bunag?

The teacher was made to appear in court for his actions. His first court appearance was on Thursday at the federal courthouse. He has been in custody until his next hearing starts. According to the court record, Alden admitted to the investigators that he had recorded his physical intimacy with the 13-year-old child. The child was a former student of his, he had also sent the video to others as well using a messenger app.

The federal court documents state that Alden was sending the videos to his fellow teacher in Philadelphia. That teacher was also arrested. There was an alleged exchange of more than 3300 messages that included a lot of images and video files. The documents claim that Alden was used to being intimate with the child in the lunch breaks of the school. He was fully aware of the kid being a minor and still he did not stop to think that what he was doing was just outright immoral and wrong and could have a long-lasting impact on the child’s mentality.

Alden Bunag Hawaii Teacher Arrested

The thing that was even more shocking was that he was not afraid to confess his crime as if he believed that he was doing the right thing. This is somewhat has become a trend that makes people think that they can get away with almost anything. This makes them daring and stupid enough to get involved in these kinds of acts. This was also mentioned in a statement by the former attorney general, Doug Chin.

There is no criminal record associated with the culprit, which is said to be a common thing among the suspects of child abusers.  They don’t appear to have any connections with the law enforcement which makes them confess really quickly, which is what appears to have happened here. The police department had also reached out to the Education Department to confirm the stature of Alden as a teacher but there has been no response so far. We will update you on any activities and details associated with the case as soon as we get them.


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