When talking about the modern science, we can’t forget the contributions of Albert Einstein. Known as one of the greatest scientists, he has contributed many essential theories like theories on energy, gravity, matter, space and time. Based on those theories scientists have achieved many successes in the field of science and also in space science. If he were not there, maybe the current scenario would be very different.

Albert Einstein, modern works, inventions

Now, talking about some of his most significant contributions, in 1905 he gave the theories of light, gravity, motion, mass, and energy which started a major revolution in the field of science. These theories helped scientists to understand the big-bang approach which shows the origin and evolution of the universe. It also informed us about the black holes and dark energy. NASA has carried out many space science projects based on these theories. It was Albert Einstein who first proved the existence of particles like atoms and molecules. His approach in this helped to understand the motion of particles distributed randomly in the fluid.  

In 1991, Einstein proved that why the sky is blue by calculating a detailed formula for the scattering of light from molecules. Einstein showed that gravity is a curved field located in the space-time zone which is developed by the mass.  This fact leads to modern invention like the nuclear bomb. His theories also helped in the development of bomb based on his famous equation E=mc2. However, he was not involved in the development of atomic bombs.

He has created the Manhattan Project which in 1945, guided to make an atomic bomb. But when he got to know about the destruction caused by this bomb, he tried to ban nuclear weapons.

Einstein formulated a quantum theory of light which informed that light is a composition of photons. He also reported how photoelectric effect works. That theory led to the development of Television. For this theory, in 1921 he received the Nobel Prize in Physics.  


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