The Akshay AK Lottery is a weekly lottery which is declared on Wednesday by the Kerala government. The first ticket price of the lottery MRP is only INR 30 and the first winner of the lottery winning the full amount is 65 lakhs. In this lottery, the second winning prize amount is INR 2 lakhs and the third winning amount is INR 10,000. The other winning amount this amount is mention in a slab. which is like Rs.5000, Rs.2000, Rs.1000, Rs.500, and the last one is Rs.100.

 Akshaya AK 462

Akshaya Lottery Today

The result of the Akshay AK lottery is announced on Wednesday, 9 September 2020.  This lottery is developed by the Kerala Government so the result declared by the Kerala Government. This is the Akshay Ak 462 lottery which comes from the Kerala lottery and it is very popular because this lottery is played by many peoples because the investment of the lottery is so low as compared to the winning amount. And the lottery is conducted transparently.

Information about the tickets are given below:

In this series 7 of the lottery the total tickets are printed is 63 lakhs. The lottery tickets printed starting at 100,000, In which every ticket has the personal and each alphabets code. In every ticket mention, two alphabets show the first alphabet lottery scheme, and the second alphabet represents the series.

For example, in a ticket bearing the No. AB-130456, the letter A – designates Akshaya and B – designates the series.

General information about Akshaya Lottery:-

  • In the lottery of the Akshay Ak, the total amount of the distribution to the audience is Rs. 8,32,45,000/-
  • The highest number of lottery tickets is 53 lakhs.
  • The maximum number of a lottery ticket in each series is 9 lakh.
  • The draw is attended at 3:00 PM each day at Sree Chithira Home Auditorium, Pazhavangadi, East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram.

If you guys are purchased the lottery then Akshay’s Ak lottery result sees on the official media portal of the Kerala lottery which is the right place to know the lottery result. The draw of the Kerala lottery is conducted at 3:30 PM and the LIVE result of the lottery will be declared publicly at the venue and the draws progress.

Akshaya lottery result AK 462

As we all know that the lottery is illegal in our country which is also banned by some Governments through some Governments that also support the lottery for the welfare of the public. Today is the right day to know the lottery result of the Akshay AK and it is also touted as the much-awaited and anticipated Kerala lottery. For more updating news related to the lottery follow our blog ad stay connect with us.


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