Breaking News is that the Malayalam Poet Mr. Ankkitham Achuthan Namboodiri passed away on Thursday. He was in the age of 94. He got admitted to a private hospital in Thrissur on Tuesday in the evening, breath around 8:10 am, his closed relative said that thing. He was just a student . it was adonned multiple roles of that a writer, journalist and editor. In 2008, he had bagged the Ezhuthanchan award and in 2017 he was conferred te Padma Shri. He had writeen 47 Books approxand many of poetry dramas.

Renowned poet Akkitham Achuthan Namboothiri passes away | Akkitham death|  Akkitham demise

Akkitham had introduced modernity into Malayalam Poetry when in 1952 he was penned the work ‘Irupatham Nootandile Ithihasam’. This work had man admires as well as a host of critics, who felt it was wrong Phylosiphy. From 1950-52 he was the secretary and president from 1953-54 of the Kendra Kala Samriti based in Ponnami. This Samariti had a big role of play in Promoting dramas in Karela, it later developed into the Malabar Kendra Kala Samriti.

His wife name was Sreedvi Antharjana . Noted artist and secular and scupator Akkitham Narayana who was based in Paris was his brother. He also strived Antrjanan. Noted artist and the Yagnams and Kadavas.

He had worked with Idinju Pollinju Lokam, Oru Kulla Munthirinia, or Kundunna Nilavu, Manasakhiyude Pookhal, Madhuvidu, arrangettam, Manoradhan Venakallintine Katha, Pookhal ,Madhuvidu, Arrangettam, Manoradhan Venkallinte Katha Kadambin Pookhal, Sanchairkal, Mansa pooja, Ksheth Nimishram, Blindarshanam, Kurthigal (collection of Poems), Inupathan Nootanding Ithihasam, BAlidarsahan,Nuniye Parayu (Drama) Avathangal, Kakkapulingal (Collection of Shor Stories), Upanarayan and Samavarthaanam (collection of essays).
Earlier, he had bagged the Kendra Sahita Academy award, Karela Sahitya Academy award, Odakuzhal, Asan award, Vallathol And following the Japnease award.

Akkhitham said his wife Sreedevi was the pillar of strength of his poems and was saddened that she was not with him at his time.Kerala Chief Minister Prinavyi Vijayan, who is an tour of Japan and South Korea, in a message said the award was a big recognition in the Malayalam language and literature. He said “he played a key role, along with Communist in the Namboothiri community”, Vijayan said”. He was a true gandhiyan, social reformer, journalist and an iconic examoles of simplity, Akhitham has been a man who wears many of aplomb, besides his gifted literary life.


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