Here in this article, we are updating the latest episode of “Akbar Ka Birbal”. Today’s episode begins, with Kamran said if Birbal is a trustful person then Birbal has to go there. Birbal looks both of them and ready to go there, but he requested to take 1 week. He has to finish lots of work here. Akabar said he will declare his final decision tomorrow. After the court decision, Akbar comes outside and stop Birbal. He said that his love for his father is true and his decision for his father is strong. He also doesn’t want to lose the Birbal.

Akbar Ka Bal Birbal

Birbal said he will go to heaven but then he will come back. Otherwise, because of this King lost his respect in front of the peoples, who can’t able to complete his father’s desire. The next morning, Birbal doing hid yoga. Then Lal langot comes there and he is so worried about the Birbal that he is going to heaven. How’s this is possible. Birbal said if he can’t agree to go there then Akabar was ready to go to heaven. And Hindustan needs the Akbar more than the Birbal. Birbal goes an a yoga position and takes a deep breath.

Birbal shares his problem with all langot that he is in the trap. They give pooh dodge everyone and run away. He said to Lal langot to generate the smoke burns the lobaan. He will dodge everyone and will run away seeing the opportunity. Pyar Lal hears all the gossips. He will take the news and tells the Kamran and Vijay. Kamran said that whenever you are facing stone in your way so, you have to need to change your way. Bhasm baba thinks that what they have to do. Next court in the court, Bhasam baba spread the smoke everywhere.

Baba said to the Birbal that now he will not sit in burial sites, otherwise, he will reach Sorma. Now, Birbal will be locked and buried in a coffin. They send his soul in the sky and whenever they want to call so they can all easily. Birbal is ready to go but they have some bet or demand. Akbar gives the promise to complete his all demand. Birbal said firstly he wants a 1 week time. He has to complete his important work on earth and has to meet some relatives they have to do some work. For more written episodes stay connect with us and stay safe!


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