Maybe, the Denmark Women’s League is not going to stop this time because the league is coming with back-to-back amazing matches which is amazing to watch with family and friends. Each match of the women’s league comes with inspiration and fans get excited to watch their favorite teams on the handball court.


Well, tonight, the watchers will get to see team Ajax Copenhagen Women (AJX-W) and team Odense Handbold (ODE-W) in the handball court. Both teams are ready to play the match as a battle on the court and let’s see which team has more strength to lose the other one on the court.

AJX-W vs ODE-W Live Score

We have seen several matches of teams in recent days and again, the league is back with a wonderful match today. It will be interesting to watch them together on a single court. If you have been regularly watching these matches so, you know very well who is playing better than others. As we can see the point table and each team has played 10 matches.

There are 14 teams in a league and each team has played wonderful matches. The H2H is not available on the Internet currently, but as soon as possible, it will be provided to you through this article. Now, we are going to share some important details of the match including its time, date, venue, league, players, and match prediction as well.

AJX-W vs ODE-W: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Ajax Copenhagen Women (AJX-W) vs Odense Handbold (ODE-W)
  • League:- Denmark Women’s League
  • Venue:- Sydbank Arena Odense
  • Date:- Saturday, November 6, 2021
  • Time:- 08:30 PM IST

AJX-W vs ODE-W: Team Squad

Ajax Copenhagen Women (AJX-W):- Emilie Frese Part, Anna Grundtvig, Sarah Norklit Lonborg, Olivia Black, Rosa Skovlund Schmidt, Maja Eiberg Jorgensen, Natasja Clausen, Stine Jorgensen, Stine Norklit Lonborg, Matilde Kondrup Nielsen, Simone Pedersen, Emma Kiellberg Jorgensen, Cecilie Specht, Sofie Bardrum, Liv Sveinbjornsdottir Poulsen, Louisa Mittet, Emma Karsbaek Eggertsen, and Emma Caroline Petersen.

Odense Handbold (ODE-W):- Kamilla Birkedal Larsen, Maren Nyland Aardahl, Trine Knudsen, Malene Aambakk, Rikke Iversen, Bo Van-Wetering, Ayaka Ikehara, Althea Rebecca Reinhardt, Lois Abbingh, Dione Housheer, Helena Elver Hageso, Mie Enggrob Hojlund, Freja Cohrt Kyndboel, Kelly Vollebregt, Mia Rej Bidstrup, and Martina Thorn.

AJX-W vs ODE-W: Lineups Player

Ajax Copenhagen Women (AJX-W):- Matilde Kondrup Nielsen, Emma Caroline Petersen, Maja Eiberg Jorgensen, Emilie Frese Part, Simone Pedersen, Liv Sveinbjornsdottir Poulsen, and Rosa Skovlund Schmidt.

Odense Handbold (ODE-W):- Maren Nyland Aardahl, Kelly Vollebregt, Bo Van-Wetering, Ayaka Ikehara, Kamilla Birkedal Larsen, Freja Cohrt Kyndboel, and Rikke Iversen.

AJX-W vs ODE-W: Match Prediction

As we can see that both teams have played some good matches and their performance was also good. While there is too much comparison between both teams. As per the sources, team AJX-W is standing on the 8th spot with 10 matches where they won 4 matches and lost 5 matches.

On the other side, team ODE-W is standing in the 1st spot with 10 victories out of 10 matches. It could be seen that team ODE-W’s performance was amazing than the rival team and they have chance to win this match again.


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