Ajali Yaua Kagera: Watano Wafamilia Moja: This is to inform you that five people from the same family and three others, a total of eight people died in an accident that happened on Monday around 7 PM after involving in a road accident. This news has stirred up the internet and made noise everywhere. People also have been stunned after listening to this unbearable loss. According to the source, eight people handed their lives following a head-on collision of two vehicles in the Kagera Region. We have gathered ample information from the given statements by the respective authorities. Read down the entire column to get and fetch everything available on this page. Kindly scroll down the page. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Diggers Rest Accident

Ajali Yaua Kagera

The most devastating point of this happening is five people from the same house or the same family were killed in the accident. However, three more people lost their lives in this mishap. According to the exclusive report, two automobiles collided on the main road from Nyakahura to Lusahunga in the Biharamulo district of the Kagera region. Following the incident, the commander of the Kagera regional police named Willian Mwampaghale addressed the accident in a statement. Read this in the next section. Drag down.

According to the Police Commander of Kagera Regional Police, the accident occurred around 7 PM on Monday 12th July 2022. He further added that this was a two-vehicle accident, both vehicles collided head to head. Reportedly, a Mercedez Benz was one of the two vehicles involved in this road mishap. According to the source, that car was driven by a resident of Nyamata Rugesela EAST Province named Vicent Gabuka, a 52 years old citizen of Rwandan. While the other vehicle involved in the accident was a Toyota car which was driven by Nyawenda Bihera Bisalo, a 35 years old resident of Lusahunga. Get more about this story in the following section of the article. Drag down.

The Police Commander of the Kagera Regional Police Department said that the accident happened when Mercedez Benz was on the way to Dar es Salaam but suddenly it collided with Nyawenda Bihera Bisalo’s Toyota head to head. As this accident was a head-to-head collision this sustained more than usual loss. The accident resulted in the loss of eight lives including five victims from the same family. Three of the eight victims have been identified as Majaliwa Maige, Nyawenda Bisalo, and a resident of Kikoma.


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