Reports are coming that Airtel is getting ready to launch its new VoLTE services in India. While the company has started rolling out its VoLTE services in few cities of India, it has launched its VoLTE beta program. According to Airtel, under its VoLTE beta program, the users are invited to participate in the VoLTE beta program. Currently, the new beta program of Airtel is live in seven states namely Bihar, Kerala, Punjab, Assam, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.

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Beta programs are made for testing purposes before the final launch of software or app or any network services, as in the case of Airtel. Airtel will be launching its new VoLTE services in India very soon, so before that, it is allowing its users to take part in its VoLTE beta program.

To participate in the Airtel VoLTE beta program, you need to have a smartphone that supports VoLTE and an Airtel 4G sim, and you need to belong to those states mentioned above. Also, the Operating System of your smartphone should be updated. To join the VoLTE beta program of Airtel, you need first to visit the volte-circle to check whether you are eligible to become a part of the Airtel VoLTE beta program. If you manage to join the beta program, then you will get 30GB of internet data.

But users should note that this 30GB data will be available in three installations of 10GB data each. So, to get the first 10GB, you will have to download and activate the VoLTE switch. Then, you will get another 10 GB data after you give feedback regarding the VoLTE services after four weeks. Then to get the last installation of 10GB, you will have to send feedback after eight weeks. But, users should be aware of the fact that joining the VoLTE beta program might lead to network fluctuations in their device.


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