Who Is Aiden Mccarthy? Parents Were Killed In Highland Park Shooting – GoFundme Page Details: A heart-wrenching story is popping up on the internet following the mass shooting incident in Highland Park on July 4th, 2022. As we have already published numerous posts regarding the mass shooting incident that happened in Highland Park and we have also reported that as many as six people lost their lives but there is a person who did not lose him but he lost everything in the mass shooting incident. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Aiden Mccarthy

Who Is Aiden Mccarthy?

We have been broken into tears since we have listened to the loss suffered by Aiden Mccarthy in the Highland Park mass shooting incident. Aiden Mccarthy is not a mature man, he is a two years old toddler who lost his both parents in the Highland Park shooting incident on Monday 4th July 2022. Yes, you heard it right, Aiden Mccarthy is a toddler who is not more than 2 years old but he has become alone in this world. Since this news has come up people are praying for Aiden Mccarthy and worrying for the future of two years old toddler. Kindly scroll down the page for further details.

Aiden Mccarthy

Who are Aiden Mccarthy’s Parents?

In the preliminary investigation report, the police mentioned victims who died in the Highland Shooting incident were aged from 35 years to 88 years old. And they have also made it public that a total of six people lost their lives in the shooting incident. Among those six people, two were Aiden Mccarthy’s parents. We are feeling devastating for the two years old toddler. Shift to the next section to learn about Aiden Mccarthy’s parents.

Aiden Mccarthy

Aiden Mccarthy GoFundme Page

According to a person who was there during the incident, the father’s old toddler died while his father was saving his son Aiden Mccarthy from gunshots. Unfortunately, his father got shot and died at the scene but his father could not lead the shooter to harm his son. Aiden Mccarthy is fine and he did not sustain any injury. But both of his parents have died.

Aiden Mccarthy’s father’s name was Kevin McCarthy and his mother’s name was Irina. As per the source, Iriana was from Russia but she migrated to the USA and settled in Chicago. Aiden Mccarthy’s mother also attended Steveson High School and graduated from DePaul University. While working as a digital market agent in the pharmaceutical industry she fell in love with Kevin. Kevin was 37 years of age while Irina was 35 years of age. Currently, Aiden Mccarthy is in the custody of the police. Stay tuned to this page.


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