Here we are going to share the news with you, that A woman has filed a complaint with Vejalpur Police in Ahmedabad and alleged that a man threatened to attack her with acid. This is very shocking news for the people. when people will stop this crime? This is very shameful news.


Why do girls have to tolerate this all? here we will tell you the entire matter. what is their relationship? Definitely, he has done for the revenge. But this is not the right way for solving the matter. We will try to cover everything in this article.

Man threatens to Throw Acid on Woman

Vejalpur Police filed a complaint against a man, he tried threatening a woman to attack her with acid. The woman is 25 years old, who lodged a complaint against Musthtaq Mansuri and claimed that the man intimidated her to attack her with acid after she refused to talk to him. The victim told her and Mansuri, Ahemdabad’s Juhapura, Vejalpur. They were friends for around seven years. But she stopped talking to him. But there is no confirmation about, why has she been stooped to talk with him.

According to the report, that Mansuri came to the house on Saturday afternoon, and he questioned her for cutting the communication with him. She said she didn’t want to be friends with him anymore, this was the conversation between them.

As per the news, the man started heaving abuse at the woman and all neighbors gathered after listening to his shouting, and he said that he would acid attack on her. After whole the drama, he left from there.

The woman was cognizant of her father of the matter that he asked her to approach the police. After listening, the entire statement police lodged the complaint. The suspect for criminal intimidation and other offenses. This is the choice of a girl, whether she wants to talk or not.

How can sonmeone force her for continuing the relationship? The decision was the right of a girl. She has done a good job to file a complaint against him. He might realize his mistake, that the girl is not his property. Every man has to understand, that girls are not weak. If they will do anything wrong, they have to face the powerful woman. Stay connected for more updates.


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