The football match of the Brazilian Paulista is going to entertain the fans around the world. The league has already introduced lots of matches for the fans and once again, they are coming back with one more match.

AGS vs SAPL Live Score

It will be interesting to watch this match because of their gameplay and their previous made everyone joy. According to the sources, team Agua Santa (AGS) and team Sao Paulo (SAPL) are going to play against each other on the football ground. Here we are going to share all the updates of the match.

In this article, you will get to know each and every update of the match including its time, date, venue, league, and many more details. Many fans are waiting to watch this and because of their excitement, they are reaching the stadium to watch ad support their favorite player.

It will be interesting to watch that both teams have already faced lots of battles in the league and once again, the players will play for the teams. All the tickets will be available for the fans on the official website of the league. Keep reading to know more updates here.

AGS vs SAPL: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Agua Santa (AGS) vs Sao Paulo (SAPL)
  • League:- Brazilian Paulista
  • Venue:- Estadio Distrial do Jardim Inamar, Diadema, Brazil
  • Date:- Monday, February 28, 2022
  • Time:- 11:30 PM IST

AGS vs SAPL: Team Squad

Agua Santa (AGS):- Matheus Inacio, Dada Belmonte, Cristiano Nogueira, Emerson Junior dos Santos, Gabriel Terra, Rodrigo Sam, Victor Souza, Alex Reinaldo, Luan Dias, Caique Goncalves, Fernandinho de Arruda, Matheus Oliveira, Tavison Araujo, Alyson Neves, Marcondes de Jesus Santos, Helder Maciel, Rhuan Ramos, Caio Dantas, Wesley de Jesus Correia, Alvaro Vieira de Oliveira, Denilson dos Santos, Alex Silva, Alan Bernardon, Leandro da Silva, Wesley Pionteck Souza, Miguel De Alcantara, and Jeferson Bahia.

Sao Paulo (SAPL):- Alisson Castro, Emiliano Rigoni, Jonathan Calleri, Reinaldo Manoel da Silva, Igor Vinicius, Patrick Bezerra, Pablo Maia, Andres Colorado, Talles Costa, Eder-Martins, Patryck Reis, Walce Filho, Juan Santos da Silva, Thiago Couto, Gabriel Neves, Luan Santos, Lucas Beraldo, Caio Felipe, Jonas Toro, Gabriel Falcao, Vitinho Ferreira-Arantes, Pedrinho Vilhena, Welington Santos, Marquinhos Alencar, Leonardo Conceicao, Rafinha, Rodrigo Nestor, Igor Gomes, Jandrei Chitolina Carniel, Diego Costa Barbosa, Robert Arboleda, Gabriel Sara, Miranda, Caio Matheus, Luciano Neves, Tiago Volpi, Joao Moreira,  and Maycon Vinicius Ferreira.

AGS vs SAPL: Lineups Player

Agua Santa (AGS):- Wesley de Jesus Correia, Alyson Neves, Marcondes de Jesus Santos, Helder Maciel, Rhuan Ramos, Matheus Inacio, Gabriel Terra, Caio Dantas, Dada Belmonte, Cristiano Nogueira, and Emerson Junior dos Santos.

Sao Paulo (SAPL):- Jonathan Calleri, Diego Costa Barbosa, Robert Arboleda, Leonardo Conceicao, Rafinha, Rodrigo Nestor, Igor Gomes, Gabriel Sara, Jandrei Chitolina Carniel, Alisson Castro, and Emiliano Rigoni.

AGS vs SAPL: Match Prediction

Now, the match is about to start and fans are visiting the arena to watch this outstanding match. According to the latest updates, team AGS is at 4th spot in group A with 2 victories and 5 lost out of 8 matches. On the other side, team SAPL is at the 2nd spot with 7 matches where they won 3 matches and lost 2 matches. As per their gameplay, team AGS has more chances to win this match.


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