Diwali is the biggest festival celebrated by Hinduism, it is usually celebrated in the middle of October and November. Let us tell you that Diwali is one of the most popular festivals of religion that everyone celebrates with pomp. Spiritually, Diwali signifies “victory over light, good over evil, and wisdom over ignorance“. This day is specially dedicated to Lord Rama as Lord Rama returned to his kingdom Ayodhya after 14 years of exile after winning by defeating Ravana. Through this article, we will get information about Chhoti Diwali and also see some important quotes and wallpapers related to Chhoti Diwali.

Happy Choti Diwali

As we all know, it is one of the most amazing festivals every king of people and every king of aged people can celebrate the Choti Diwali, most of the time children are so happy about it because they get to make some of the best moment on this occasion, such as they can eat as many sweets as they want that too different kind of. Chhoti Diwali is celebrated just one day before Diwali and this year, Chhoti Diwali will be celebrated on 13 November 2020.

Mainly we go for crackers and decoration, people love to firecrackers, but being a good citizen we should be responsible, and realize this, pollution is increasing in India, we should not be a pollutant. And make people aware of it. On this day of Choti Diwali, in particular, raw earthen lamps are lit on the doors outside the house which is considered to be the beginning of the festival of Diwali and then this marks the beginning of the Diwali festival.

Along with this, the onset of Chhoti Diwali, everyone decorates their homes with lights and prepares for the arrival of Lakshmi Maa in their homes. Apart from this, on the occasion of Choti Diwali may you get lots of happiness and make memorable mo moments with your family and friends. May lord Lakshmi give you a blessing. So now, Happy Choti Diwali to all of you.


Happy Choti Diwali

Happy Choti Diwali

Happy Choti Diwali

Happy Choti Diwali


The victory of good over evil,
The celebration of courage,
May this Narak Chaturdashi bring
Nothing but the best for you!
Have a happy and safe Choti Diwali !!

A symbol of hope and light,
May this Choti Diwali bring universal compassion,
Inner joy of peace and love
And the awareness of oneness to all.
Happy Choti Diwali to you and your family!!

May this Choti Diwali
Endow you with opulence and prosperity
Happiness comes at your steps
Wishing you a bright future in your life
Happy Choti Diwali !!

Diwali ka ye Pyara Tyohaar,
Jeevan Mein Laye Khushiyan appr,
Mata laxmi viraje aapke dwaar,
Sabhi kaamna aapki kare sweekaar.
Happy Choti Diwali !!



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