As everyone knows that the ongoing pandemic force all the students to spend their most of the time at homes without doing any work and take classes online. Millions of students regularly taking online classes and completely change their daily schedule around the world. The pandemic totally changes the lifestyle of the people no matter how much rich the person is. For few days, many students have expressed their concern in which they trying to show the burden of daily homework and long online classes. Among all the students who show their concern related to the long online classes, one six years old girl also shows her concern.

Adorable 6-year-Old Kashmiri Girl Complains


The girl we are talking about is belonging to Kashmir and highlighted the same problem. But, when she posted the video then her video went viral on social media and millions of people across the country are sharing her video. Because the way she talking to Prime Minister Narendra Modi is actually cute and millions of people love the way she talks in the video. She raised the issue directly to Prime Minister and all the netizens sharing the video a lot went the girl viral and the video reached the Prime Minister.

If we talk about the video then the cute Kashmiri girl complaining to Prime Minister about homework and long online classes won millions of hearts. The video went massively viral on social media and all the people love the way of the Kashmiri girl who made a video to complain Prime Minister of India. On 29th May 2021, a very famous journalist Aurangzeb Naqshbandi shared the video and it collects 1 Lakh views and more than 10,500 likes. the video currently getting lots of attention from the people and also collect a ton of love from the audience.

The journalist also shared a caption that “A six-year-old Kashmiri girl’s complaint to @PMOIndia @narendramodi regarding long hours of online classes and too much of schoolwork”. In the clip she said that “There is English, mathematics, EVS, and computer. There is so much work for kids. Why is there so much work for kids, Modi Saab?”. Now, she got lots of attention from the audience and all the netizens are looking forward to searching for the video. So, if you want to know more information related to the current updates then stay connected with us. We are here always update the current details that people searching for.


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