Legendary singer Udit Narayan’s son Aditya Narayan, set to marry his longtime girlfriend. Here we are going to reveal all the information along with marriage date. We will talk about the official confirmation about his marriage and unveil details about his longtime relationship with his Co-actress. We also explain that when they continue dating each other and. Stay tuned to know this crispy news. Let’s begin the story.

Aditya Narayan Plans to Get Married to Shaapit Co-star Shweta Agarwal by  End of 2020

Finally, Aditya Narayan and His Longtime Girlfriend Tying the knots very Soon.

Finally, Aditya Narayan found his Better-half. Recently In an interview, he confirms that he is getting ready to marry his longtime girlfriend and Co-actor from his past movie ‘Cursed’. Aditya tells they met at the set of ‘Cursed’ and their thinking level is almost similar which unexpected.

He also revealed that he slowly-slowly fall in the attraction of Shweta and followed her. He wanted to be just a friend of Shweta Aggarwal and after spending a long time they realized that they both are similar and can be run the relationship for a long time. Both are young and focused on their career.

Aditya Narayan also mentioned like every relationship they both have seen many ups and downs in the last 10 years in their relationship. Now Marriage is just a formality for us. Because both the families know each other very well and Aditya’s parents like Shweta so much.

He said they faced such a bad time when they broke up on road and after solving the issue and back in the relationship he was embarrassed when then went outside, But although they took time for marriage decision.

Aditya Narayan’s Marriage Date Revealed.

Aditya Said Currently there are many marriages break easily these days and we don’t want it with us. So we decided to take our time to know each other very well, Now, after a decade, I think. The right time to take a dip. Both are ready to tie the knots in November or December 2020. Very soon we see this couple in the groom and bride look which is the  biggest dream of every relationship couple in this universe


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