Getting enough sleep is required to everyone, whether it’s an adult or teenager. Teens need about 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night to function best. But, most of the teens do not get enough sleep. Sleep problems can keep some teens awake at night even when they want to sleep. A new study found that keeping the Body in control through exercise and taking nutritious Food not only helps in maintaining the body and its strength but also improve the quality of the sleep.

The study was published in the Scientific Reports journal. 417 students were observed for the same study in the US. The participants of the study wore accelerometers on their wrists and hips for one week to measure sleep and physical activity. The researchers from Pennsylvania State University, US found that teens, who do regular exercise have better sleep at night, then those who do not exercise at all.

Lindsay Master, a data scientist at Pennsylvania State University, US, said “Adolescence is a critical period to obtain adequate sleep, as sleep can affect cognitive and classroom performance, stress, and eating behaviors. Our research suggests that encouraging adolescents to spend more time exercising during the day may help their sleep health later that night.”

The study developed the fact that children who do exercise for only one hour in a day tend to fall asleep earlier than the ones who don’t get involved in any kind of physical activity. Physically maintained children, who are practicing some sort of exercise in a day sleep 18 minutes before and 10 minutes longer at the end time. The main reason behind the same is relaxation generated at the time of performing the exercise.

Orfeu Buxton, Professor at Penn State stated “You can think of these relationships between physical activity and sleep almost like a teeter-totter. When you’re getting more steps, essentially, your sleep begins earlier, expands in duration, and is more efficient. Whereas if you’re spending more time sedentary, it’s like sitting on your sleep health: sleep length and quality goes down.”

Apart from doing exercise, one is advised to take a balanced diet as well. A diet which is rich in all the nutrients required by the body is highly recommended.


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