How did Ada Ameh die and what was her cause of death?: A renowned actress named Ada Ameh from Nigeria passed away. This article is being written by us to make you updated about the passing of a beloved actress who was broadly well-known for playing a character in a very popular sitcom titled The Johnsons. Currently, the Nollywood industry is mourning Ada Ameh’s passing. But what happened to her and what caused her to pass away suddenly? As per the source, the Nollywood actress Ada Ameh died on Sunday, July 17, 2022. But her death news went viral on Monday morning when people woke up to this devastating news. No one had the instinct this could also happen to Ada Ameh. But that’s the way cookie crumbles sometimes. Kindly scroll down this page and take a look below to learn other aspects like Ada Ameh’s age and cause of death. Follow More Updates On

Ada Ameh

How did Ada Ameh die?

Ada Ameh earned stardom and popularity by doing work in an African show titled The Johnsons, as mentioned above. In this sitcom, she portrayed the role of Emu who was loved by everyone. But our Emu is no more and we will never see Ada Ameh in the role of Emu as she departed on Sunday unexpectedly. There is a cliche in the death of Ada Ameh. As per the rumors, the actress was suffering from mental issues. However, this claim is yet to be verified. Kindly look at the next section for further explanation.

Who was Ada Ameh?

Reportedly, the Nollywood actress died at the age of 48. She was 48 years of age when perished. On Sunday she also posted a story on Instagram and later that day she reported died. This sounds tragic as she was enjoying and spending time with her family members and later that day she was found dead. According to the source, she died at Delta Hospital after tumbling at an oil company. Reportedly, all this happened with no significant time. Scroll down the page for more.

Ada Ameh Death Cause

At this time, we have only this information regarding her cause of death. But an autopsy report is about to come out soon. After coming out of her autopsy report we will replace you with the updated information. Ada Ameh’s passing news was also later confirmed by Emeka Rollas, the president of the actors guild of Nigeria. Reportedly, Ada Ameh died almost two years later after the death of her only child. Stay tuned.


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