Kamal Haasan’s elder daughter Shruti Haasan getting viral over the internet due to meet up with her boyfriend. Both caught by news media in Chennai. As per information, she went on an outing with Boyfriend Santanu Hazarika on his birthday and that’s why the photos get shared over social media. We going to unveil some interesting facts and details about her boyfriend Santanu Hazarika. So don’t allow yourself to miss any important news.

Actress Shruti Haasan also shared the photos on her social media account. So far it has been rumored that she has been in a relationship. It is the first time when Shruti Haasan caught with her boyfriend. In the pictures, Shruti has been seen standing in the Clothing house.

It is a notable thing that Shruti Haasan’s close friend, designer Amrita, is also in the photo. In this situation, After this photo, Shruti Haasan is expected to announce the marriage later this year with her boyfriend. So wait for few months to get the official news about the wedding of Actress Shruti Haasan. Here are the many films that have brilliant performances of Shruti Haasan and After working with Vijay Sethupathi in the recent Tamil film ‘Laabam,’ She going to act in the upcoming movies.

These days,  her pictures with her boyfriend are getting viral. On every social media platform, you can find out her pics. And on her every pic, you may find millions of likes and comments, now in the course of time. She is one of the most talented and well-known Bollywood actress, who is in the trend, her boyfriend is also collecting.


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