Recently, we got very beautiful and amazing news of Actress Mahreen Kaur Pirzada as the actress announced her engagement with Bhavya Bishnoi. The couple engaged together in Rajasthan and organized their ceremony the same as they think in dreams. While confirming the information that the couple is finally engaged, the actress officially announced the statement. If we talk about the confirmed month when the couple engages with each other then they both confirmed to live together by exchanging their rings in March 2021. The actress already very famous and popular who worked in several films and also contains such a huge fanbase all over the country.

Mehreen Pirzada Calls off Engagement With Bhavya Bishnoi

The confirmed statement of the actress then said “Bhavya Bishnoi and I have decided to break off our engagement and not go ahead with the wedding. It’s a decision that has been taken amicably and in the best interest. With respect in my heart, I would like to say that from now on I have no further association with Bhavya Bishnoi, any of his family members or friends”. The actress only announced her engagement and she would not be answering media questions as whatever she done is her personal life. It is actually a piece of very good and amazing news for all the fans of the actress Mahreen Kaur Pirzada.

It further reads “This is the only statement I will be making regarding this and I hope that everyone respects my privacy as this is a very private matter. Meanwhile, I will continue to work and am looking forward to giving my best in my future projects and performances”. Otherwise, the couple also confirmed that they were dating each other for quite some time.

Let us also tell you that Bhavya Bishnoi is a young politician from Haryana. On the other hand, it is a very big surprise for all the fans of Mahreen Kaur Pirzada.

Not only this, but her brother also shared many pictures with the interesting hashtag #MehrBhavKhaGayi. The name of her brother is Gurfateh Singh Pirzada. Let us also tell you that Mehreen Kaur Pirzada is a very famous and prominent actress and worked in several Tamil and Telugu movies. In 2016, she first appear in the

Telugu film Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gaadha. On the other hand, Bhavya Bishnoi is a grandson of Haryana’s very famous politician and leader Bhajan Lal. Currently, he is also working as a part of the Indian National Congress. Now, they both engaged in March 2021 and confirmed the news after a very huge gap.


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