An artist from Pakistan Abuzar Madhu has been arrested by the Police in Lahore in June and which made him spend a night in Model Town police station in a lock-up. His friend tweeted that the reason for Abuzar’s arrest was his long hair. He said that “Abuzar is an artist and a teacher. One day he was waiting for a rickshaw near Kalma Chawk when a police van stopped him while he was walking out in the street at 3 am” They asked him to show his ID proof and luckily he was having that at the moment. He showed his Id card even after that police inspector asked others to put him into the police van. Abuzar asked the officer about the issue then the police inspector said its because of his appearance

Abuzar Madhu Arrested

“Lambay Baal” and “hulia”. The police inspector also said that Abuzar is walking in the streets at 3 am is also a reason for his arrest. He also threatened him by saying that the issue will be explained once they will reach the police station. Abuzar kept on explaining that he is a teacher by profession and also an artist and this is the only reason that he has long hair. However, the police harassed him and made him scared by saying about his appearance and asked him to sit in the van, and took him to the police station.

After reaching the police station, they checked him and his bag. They found a few books in the bag and then asked his “thaanedar Saifullah” to let him go at his pint. But another police officer asked him to put Abuzar in the lock-up. He insisted that he wanted to teach Abuzar a lesson for his long hair and appearance. He said that a night’s stay in prison will teach him to know that he dared to look like that. Abuzar contacted his friend through Facebook to seek legal support before his phone was taken by police.

Abuzar’s friend came to his rescue on the same day when he spent the night in prison. Natasha Javed was inraged as she questioned, ” This is how easy it is for someone to misuse their power to harass and bully a teacher, an artist, a law-abiding citizen”. Saifullah will likely face no consequences for misusing his position. Why are our institutions that are running from our taxes and meant to protect actually operating to threaten us? To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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