In today’s Saudi Arabian Pro League fixture we have the team Abha against the team Al-Raed. The team ABH has played a total of 19 matches where they have won 7 matches and lost 9 matches in this season. The team has secured 11th position in the league standing and has earned 24 points in their account. On the other side, the team RAE has played a total of 19 matches where they have won 5 matches and lost 10 matches. This would be more interesting to see this match as both the teams have the same potential to win this match.


This will be a new entertainment package for football fans across the world. The league has decided to establish a new competition in the football championship. Teams across the world have participated in this league. Today’s match will be played in the Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Stadium in Khamis Mushait.

ABH vs RAE Live Score

Match: ABH vs RAE Saudi Arabian Pro League 2021
Time: 06:40 PM
Date: 22nd February 2021
Venue: Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Stadium, Khamis Mushait

Aqel Al-Sahbi, Abdullah Magrshi, Azzedine Doukha, Nemanja Miletic, Al-Fahad, Nikolic, Mohammed Fouzair, Awad Khamis Al Faraj, Hussain Al-Showaish, Abdullah Almogren, Karim El Berkaoui, Benjamin Tatar, Omar Al-Ruwaili, Abdulaziz Alijamman, Ahmed Mefleh, and Carlos Strandberg.

Abdelali Mhamdi, Carlos Strandberg, Riyadh Sharahuli, Saad Bguir, Craig Goodwin, Amine Attouchi, Ahmad Al Hbeab, Saeed Al, Muath Afaneh, Al-Mazidi. Saeed Al, Abdullah Almogren, Azzedine Doukha, Nemanja Miletic, and Aqel Al-Sahbi.

In today’s match prediction we have team ABH and team RAE. The best goalkeeper Abdelali Mhamdi to save the maximum number of goals. He is the key player of the team RAE and we expect a target from the team. Al-Sharari, Amine Attouchi, and Al-Fahad are the best players in defending the goals. In the recent match, they performed incredibly. R. Sharahili is best at tackle the ball and hit a goal for his team. S.Bguir is the key player on the team, he has scored 4 goals in the last played match. Sharahili has scored 4 goals in the entire tournament.

Strandberg is the top goal scorer of the tournament and has scored 7 goals in the entire season. El- Berkaoui has scored 7 goals in the last match. There are three top scorers in this tournament. Al Amri and C. Strandberg will be the respective captain of the teams. The vice-captains are S.Bguir and R.Sharahili. R.Fernandez and Al-Fahad will be the players in the grand league match. Let’s see who will win this match today. To know more about this article stay connected to us.



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