WATCH: Abdullah Khattak Accident Death Video CCTV Footage Clips Leaked On Twitter and Reddit: A piece of sad and heartbroken news has come on the web and gained the attention of the people. Nowadays Youtuber and influencers are gaining a huge population among people. In the same manner, the vlogger and Youtuber Abdullah Khattak left the world on the 29 June, Wednesday early hours. He was an attractive personality and he was very popular among people. He has accumulated a good fan following of the girls. People are curious to know about his passing information. They are keen to know about Abdullah Khattak’s obituary. Here we will tell you all the details about the news. Let’s continue the article. Follow More Updates On

Abdullah Khattak

Abdullah Khattak Accident Death Video

He was the Pakistani blogger Abdullah Khattak, famous for his academic videos, is no more. He was 21 years old guy, who was a medical student. He is available on Youtube with the name of Abdullah Khattak. He has 94.6k subscribers and he has uploaded 44 videos on his account. He had accumulated a good fan following. His followers love to watch him. He was an outstanding YouTuber, who has earned a good fan base with his vlogging. He was a very handsome and kind man, who was very loving with the people. Scroll down the page to know more information about the news.

Who Was Abdullah Khattak?

According to the report, The popular YouTuber and vlogger Abdullah Khattak left the world on Wednesday. The aspiring doctor lost his life after serious injuries following a road accident. His death news has been announced by his family. He was a student at University Hospital and often uploaded videos related to his studies and he was studying medicine. Several remain to tell you about the news, which we will tell you in the next section of the article.

Abdullah Khattak Death Video

Furthermore, his fans are mourning his death and paying condolences to his family on social media. They are very upset and shocked after hearing this heartbroken news. Who thought that he will leave the world like this. He was very young, his whole life was left to live and many things remain to experience. This was not the right time to leave the world. His family broke at this time. They are facing a tragic time because of his death. Several social media influencers are sharing their thought and paying condolences for his death. We pray God gave peace to his soul and strength to the family to fight with the tough time.

We are devastated to hear the death news of a highly followed and acclaimed Vlogger from Pakistan whose name was Abdullah Khattak. Yes, you read it correctly, the name is Abdullah Khattak, he has passed away recently. What is the cause of death of the young social media star or what happened to him? These two are the most talked-about questions related to Abdullah Khattak right now. People have been stunned after knowing about the death of social media star Abdullah Khattak. Now they are desperate to read Abdullah Khattak’s cause of death and age. However, we are here with all imperative personal details. By shifting down the page, you will eventually get information about his age, date of birth, and social media handles. So go through every part of the article and fetch the authentic and confirmed stuff related to Pakistani social media influencers.

Abdullah Khattak was a talented boy whose career was very bright but he departed unexpectedly to his Allah. He passed away after involving a mishap. Following the car accident, he succumbed to life-threatening injuries. Now his fans have been startled by the news of his demise. The official and confirmed cause of death of Abdullah Khattak is a fatal car accident. He died in an automobile accident. Now his fans and co-workers are pouring tributing posts on social media. What was his age when died?

There is no doubt he passed away too soon and he had a long age to live but he could not live for more than 21 years of life. Abdullah Khattak was 21 years old when he died. Why people used to acclaim him so much and what were his qualities in him? As per the source, Abdullah Khattak was an intelligent person and you can estimate his intelligence by his successful Youtube channel and Medical career.

Abdullah Khattak was also studying medical alongside running a full-fledged Youtube account. However, he was a final year student of MBBS and he was also one of the best content creators from Pakistan. We can not deny the fact that his name used to come on the list of top social media influencers in Pakistan. It is more painful to report that Abdullah Khattak posted his last post just 21 hours ago from his death. Now he is no more between us. Our hopes and extended thoughts are with him and his family.


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