Surprising here is news that made every cricket lover sad. The well-known cricket legend Ab de Villiers announced his retirement. He is South African Legend AB De Villiers who have played many matches for his country. Even the fan following is amazing around the world.

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The 37 years old finally says goodbye to his cricket career. So let begin the report from this point and try to explore each and every key factor which is important to be discussed. Here are many key points which are essential to be mentioned in this article.

AB De Villiers Announces His Retirement

The 17 years career is now ended here and fans of this cricket legend are felt sad after seeing the announcement by Ab de Villiers. Here is the statement that he shared on his social media. The 17 years career of cricket legend includes 114 tests, 228 ODIs and 78 T20Is. In most matches he made his best and other is no doubt to say that he was the hope for millions of fans. So let read the lovely goodbye to the career by the legend/

In a statement released, De Villiers said: “It has been an incredible journey, but I have decided to retire from all cricket. Ever since the backyard matches with my older brothers, I have played the game with pure enjoyment and unbridled enthusiasm. Now, at the age of 37, that flame no longer burns so brightly. Last, I am aware that nothing would have been possible without the sacrifices made by my family – my parents, my brothers, my wife Danielle and my children.”

Along with it, he announced his retirement from IPL also. he played many matches in RCB (Royal Challengers Bangaluru). He said that all the RCB players are like my family and it is difficult to say goodbye to RCB. the sadness is clearly seen in his statement on social media. The legend shared that he decided to spend the rest of his life with his family. He thanked RCB fans as well as teammates, coaches, support staff, and the entire RCB family throughout the years.

De Villiers said that the memorable journey with RCB and the whole cricket association was awesome. Even it can be observed that he will miss the time he spend with Cricket. But now because everything is important in life and now his family wants his time and the legend to decide to spend the rest of his life with family by creating marvelous memories and doing everything that he was unable to do during his career time.


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