As T-20 cricket grows in popularity, so does the level of hype and entertainment. And when we think about T-20 cricket, we think of the Indian Premier League. Why is the IPL, the world’s most famous cricket league, the best? since it offers thrilling celebrations or dramatic claims in addition to exciting cricket matches, big sixes, and excellent fielding.

People love watching high-scoring matches in which players hit stylish shots and perform magnificently. And when it comes to hard-hitting and excellent batting, players like ABD, Hardik Pandya, and Pollard come to mind, whose hard-hitting batting and outstanding fielding can steal matches from opponents. These are the format’s best entertainers, whether it’s by stylish batting, fielding, or dramatic scenes, especially in Pollard’s case. It’s a joy to watch these players play. But what makes these players so good? Kevin Pietersen told IPL betting site Betway, that it’s less about athletic ability and more about timing. 

But first, let’s talk about these entertaining players.

First, we start with Mr 360, AB de Villers is one of the best cricketers in history. He can smash any ball in any corner of the field. His scoop shot can send a perfect yorker to the stands. In addition to great batting, he is also a fantastic fielder. And along with these attributes, he is a real gentleman; you will not see him in disputes or controversies; instead, he demonstrates the true character for the game. Every cricket fan loves AB de Villers and it’s been a pleasure to watch his 360-degree stylish batting. He has played a tremendous inning against Gujarat Lions where he smashed 129 off 52 balls with 12 big sixes. He is also the second-highest sixes hitters in IPL with 235 sixes.

Kieron Pollard

Today, when we talk of hard-hitting and excellent fielding, as well as some of the most dramatic scenes in IPL history, we speak of Caribbean all-rounder Kieron Pollard. He is a full-fledged entertainer. For the Mumbai Indians, he is a reliable and match-winning all-rounder. Fans of the IPL adore his hard-hitting skills in death overs. He delivered critical knocks that helped MI win the IPL title. With 198 sixes in 164 matches, he is one of the top all-time six hitters of IPL.        

And in terms of dramatic entertainment, we recall THE SILENT POLLARD in IPL 2015, when he taped his jaw, and the sledging incident between Pollard and Starc in IPL 2014 when the bat slipped out of Pollard’s hand and was thumped on the ground.

Hardik Pandya

Last but not least on our list is the Young Gun, Hardik Pandya. He is currently one of India’s best power hitters. For MI, he is an all-rounder who has managed the middle order for a few seasons. And in just a few seasons, he’s cemented his place in the hearts of the audience. He has smashed 91 sixes in just 74 innings and had some really stylish knocks, such as 91 off 34 balls against KKR, which included 9 big sixes. He keeps the fans entertained with his heavy-hitting, economical bowling, and excellent fielding abilities.

You can check out this video via the Betway Insider, where Kevin Pietersen and other cricket stars talk about AB de Villiers. Kieron Pollard and Hardik Pandya in further detail. 


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