Recently, two names have been hitting the trending section in which Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley getting much attention from the audience. They both were not spotted together at the former’s 38th birthday party because of recent breakup rumors. The disappearance of both is just one step away to confirm the rumors.

aaron rodgers and shailene woodley

Also, speculation strengthened after the Big Little Lies star fell to commit a social media post to his half on his birthday. However, some sources claimed that the couple has broken up and told everyone that the pair shares a non-traditional relationship.

Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley Still Engaged?

Along with it, some sources also claimed that the couple is still engaged and wants to maintain a private relationship. The statement claims that “They have a different, non-traditional relationship. Shailene and Aaron are still together. It’s not odd they don’t post about each other on their birthdays in that sense, and are very private about things”.

Let us also tell you that they both started their relationship during the lockdown and also secretly engaged. Nowadays, news of the separation of both the stars is coming out for the last one month and many people claim that both of them have part ways from their relationship.

Not only this, but some sources also claimed that they both spent less time together. Nevertheless, it was later proved that the pair is still together and only seen separated after the pandemic for their individual career engagements. Now, during the lockdown, Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers have appeared in the trend for romantic rumors and they both also become the talk of the town for their secret engagement.

Some reports claimed that they both initiate their beautiful relationship in July 2020. Let us also tell you that Aaron had recently separated from his ex-girlfriend Danica Patrick.

After the news of his new relationship started surfacing on the internet, many fans placed comments and their reactions on this news. They both got a very huge hype and concentration from the netizens.

Along with it, they both also become the trend of the day for their secret relationship in which many people talk about their relationship and also giving blessings to them for their future life. Recently, the news of their part ways has been shocked many netizens and everyone again talking about them because it is a fresh and hot topic for all the netizens.


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