Recently, one of the television show getting much attention and TRP from the audience. Yes, we are talking about Aapki Nazro Ne Samjha because the show collecting lots of love and appreciation from the viewers. The recent episodes of the show regularly hitting the top position on the TRP list and grabbing such huge attention and appreciation from the viewers. If we talk about the story of the latest episode then it revolves around Nandini and Darsh who caught in the same handcuff while they cleaning and managing things in the storeroom. Later, they come to Rajvi who see them together with a handcuff.

After seeing, them together in the handcuff, and asks the reason behind it. After that, Darsh narrates the whole incident that happened to them in which he says that Nandini tried this but she has no key for it. Later, Vipul says to them that there is no need to take stress because he will call the blacksmith to break the handcuff from both hands. But, Rajvi tells about an obstacle that he sent the blacksmith somewhere else which did not allow him to reach here. When Shobit and Gunjan see them together, their expressions change and they get jealous seeing them together.

Gunjan inwardly says that Nandini only pretends that she forgive Darsh because now she is close to him. Just after that, Naveen Basuri and Vanlata come to Raval’s house for the evening’s party. Shobit remembers all the circumstances that she created in the past, which spoil is life. At the same time, Shobit welcomes them and pretends that the past does not matter to him, and then Rajvi call them for the work for the party. When Darsh and Nandini go outside for the preparation of the party where they both collide with each other and a little quarrel happened between them.

later, another interesting thing happened between them in which Darsh was bitten by a mosquito and he is unable to scratch his back. Hence, he asks Nandini to help him but she is feeling shy to scratch his back. But after a while, she scratches his back. After watching this, it is cleared that the upcoming episode of Aapki Nazro Ne Samjha will be very fantastic and superb. Everyone knows that the show collecting such a huge fan following and TRP by introducing many episodes of the show. The show is airing on Star Plus at 7 PM and stay connected with us for more updates.


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