Today we will discuss the Saudi Professional League 2020-21. This match will be played between the Al Ain Atawlah (AA) and Al-Hilal Saudi (HLL). The location of this match will be Sheikh Khalifa International Stadium in Al-Ain. There are huge fans of both of the team and are excited to see them playing. This match will be aired on 9th February. There is a strong prediction about team HLL that they have more probability to win today’s match against a team (AA). The team HLL has given a more than average performance in the last few match that they have played against other teams. The team has successfully secured the second position in the league standings.

Saudi Professional League

AA vs HLL Live Score

Match: AA vs HLL Saudi Professional League 2020-21
Date: 9th February 2021
Time: 06:35 PM
Venue: Sheikh Khalifa International Stadium in Al-Ain

There form from the last few matches is either winning or tied the match. The total match they have played, most of them the team has won. (HLL) is the second-most match-winning in this league. Today’s match will be more excited to watch as they are playing against a team (AA). Let’s see if they meet the expectation of their fans or not. The Saudi Professional League team (AA) will be played opposite the team (HLL). The team has played 16 matches and today they are going to play their 17th match against a team (AA). Let’s discuss the last matches that the team (HLL( has played. The last match they have played against team Abhaon on 4th February. Unfortunately, the team HLL scored only 2 goals where the opponent team Abhaon scored 3 goals and defeated team HLL  Before this match team HLL played against the team Al-Faisaly on 25th January.

This match was a draw as both the team has scored one goal. The team is currently holding the second position in the league. Their winning streak is equal to the tie matches. The team played 16 matches and won 8 matches. ^ matches were a tie and they have lost just 2 matches. If they need to move forward in this league then they have to win this match against a team (AA). Let’s see what will be the performance of this team in today’s match.

Opposite to the team HLL, we have team AA which is also ready to face off in the Saudi Professional League. This team had a below-average performance in the last few matches. The team has played a total of 16 matches. In the last match, they played opposite team Al-Batinon on 26th January. Team (AA) has scored 2 goals where the team (AB) managed to score 3 goals which declare the victory for the team (AB). After this team (AA) played against team Al-Ettifaq on 4th February. Team (AA) has scored one goal but the opponent failed to hit any goal thus team (AA) has won this match. The team AA has lost 11 matches and won only 4 matches in this league. Currently, the team is holding the second last position in the league. They have to play hard to win this match against a team (HLL). Let’s see if they win this match or not. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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