A team of researchers found that if a child is overweight, it doubles the risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, heart attack or strokes. The study was published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. It was conducted to study the relationship between obesity and associated high blood pressure.

According to the study, overweight double the risk of high blood pressure in children at the age of six. To examine the relationship between both, the team examined the high blood pressure of 1796 kids and also noted their Body Mass Index ( BMI ) and Waist Circumference. These children were aged 4 years when the study was started and their data was analyzed after two years, at the age of six as well. Those who had normal weight at the age of four or new or persistent excess weight according to BMI had 2.49 and 2.54 higher risk of high blood pressure after two years and those with abdominal obesity had 2.81 and 3.42 higher the risk.

The results showed that obesity is linked with the risk of developing heart diseases associated with high blood pressure at an early age as well. On this, the lead author of the study, Inaki Galan from Carlos III Health Institute in Spain, said that parents should take care of the health of their kids from the starting age only. They should make their kids aware of their health by adding healthy options into the diet and encouraging them to participate in more physical activities. He also said that a pregnant woman should also take care of her health and maintain her weight during pregnancy. Also, if she has a habit of smoking, it should be quit at the time of pregnancy as it leads to several health problems in the child.

Moreover, he added that obesity increases the risk factor of high blood pressure and other heart-related issues at an early age as well. If one has started maintaining the same, it can be decreased as well.


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