The Xiaomi India has started the Mi Exchange Program that extends a more accessible route to customers to get the new series of Mi and Redmi handsets at low-prices by returning their old mobile. With this program, Xiaomi is launching its trade-in scheme in India for the second time. Earlier it had colluded with Cashify in November, last year with similar kind of deals but it was confined to Mi Homes in only selected cities.

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As of the present, Xiaomi has brought in the excellent exchange discount offer online through

Users can get a new Xiaomi Mi, Redmi series with cash discount by following these steps:

Step 1: The user needs to visit the Mi Exchange webpage. There the preferred mobile can be selected from the entire list of supported devices offered under the Xiaomi program.

Step 2: Once the device has been found on the list that the user wishes to exchange; the phone image needs to be tapped on. There the evaluated amount and the details of the phone can be got. The user has to provide IMEI number there. If the user is using a dual SIM mobile, he/she has to enter as IMEI1 or IMEI2.

Step 3: If every condition is met as mentioned in the above steps and the Terms and Conditions’ of the exchange program are agreed to, the ‘Get exchange coupon’ button can be clicked on. The user’s Mi account would be credited instantly with the exchange value coupon. The coupon could be used only to buy a new phone on The same coupon would not be valid at any Mi Homes.

Step 4: When buying a new phone on, the exchange coupon can be used. The user would be entitled a discount on the new phone equivalent to the amount of the discount coupon at the time of checkout.

Step 5: Once the order is placed, the delivery executive would come with the new Xiaomi phone, and the user needs to hand-over the old phone. If it is discovered by the company that the old phone is not eligible for exchange, the user’s order would be canceled, and the entire amount would be refunded back.

The user needs to make sure that the device he/she wishes to exchange does not have any physical damage.



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