An air pocket presented in the right frontal lobe controls the left side body movement in an 84-year-old man, the medical scan revealed. The scan shows that the old man had a 9cm air-filled pocket in his brain and that caused him to keep falling frequently.

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Initially, doctors thought that the man had suffered from a stroke as he complained of sudden weakness on his left side of the body. Later when the doctors conducted some tests, they found that the man had an air pocket. By more detail study they detected that a bone tumor in his sinuses was the reason behind the development of the air pocket. That tumor had also caused the mini-stroke. However, the man declined to go through any surgery, and he was discharged with an alternative stroke prevention treatment.

The Doctors in Northern Ireland were treating the man. Interestingly, the doctors were fascinated by the patient, and they published the case in the famous BMJ Case Reports. The whole incident has been published in the medical journal with a title The Man that lost his Mind. In the journal, doctors stated that they didn’t find any facial weakness, disturbance in his speech, confusion and the visual problem which are primary symptoms of a stroke. They also found that the blood test report was clear.

After that, they conducted a CT scan which revealed about the air pocket.  The air pocket had caused the acute infarction, which had blocked the blood flow to his corpus callosum. It helps to connect the left part of the brain with the right part.  After that, the doctors advised the patient for an operation to remove those air pockets, but he refused. In the study, the doctors also stated how the air pockets have been reported and treated in medical literature and how this condition has been interpreted as a rare cause of stroke.


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