Horrific news has grabbed the attention of people around the world and those who are reading to know about the incident getting shocked. According to the recent updates from the accident, a 19-years-old lady was murdered by her own lover. Yes, a 19-year-old lady who was also known as a teacher from Linden was stabbed to death by her boyfriend whose name has not been revealed yet. The incident has made a shocking headline on social media and local news channels where the scary moment has been taken place among all the people. Keep reading to get more details here.

A 19-Years-Old Teacher Killed In Linden By Boyfriend

According to the official details, a teacher from Linde, Region Ten was stabbed to death by her boyfriend and the incident took place on Wednesday, April 13, 2022 morning at his Craig, East Bank Demerara home. During the investigation, the police got to know some details about the couple and the police told this update to the local media channel that the age of the victim’s boyfriend is 21 and now, he has been taken into custody. Along with this, the police also told that the person has confessed to the heinous act. Here are some more important details of the case.

A 19-Years-Old Teacher Killed In Linden

Well, the news sources are revealing some more details of the incident, and police told that the guy (boyfriend) was stabbed her neck during the argument. They had a heated argument with each other and when the scene went above the level, he picked up a knife and stabbed to her neck during their heated argument. While the sources say that she was killed at the moment due to her heavy injury which made her succumb at the moment.

When the incident was revealed in front of the boyfriend’s sister, she took him to the Grove Police Station where he confessed to killing his girlfriend. At the time, he was taken into custody and the police team rushed to the scene and found the lifeless body of the woman. Police declared her dead on the scene after they visited the place.

Along with this, the police did not disclose the name of the teacher and her boyfriend yet but soon, it will come out in front of all and the reality will disclose as well. More details will be revealed after the investigation will reach to its result. Stay tuned with us to know more updates here.


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