A former college professor and his businessman friend have been taken to custody by Madhya Pradesh police on Tuesday, August 10, from their residents. They are charged for rapping a 38-years-old woman in a farmhouse. The accused have been arrested by police and police charged them for allegedly raped a woman.

bhopal rape

The accused have also been identified as Devendra Pandey, a retired college professor, and Shiv Narayan Pandey, the owner of a security guard agency in the area of Lalghati. Both victims have been arrested by police and as per the police reports, the incident took place at a farmhouse of Shiv Narayan Pandey on August 8.

30-Years-old Woman in Bhopal

It was also identified by the police that the woman is a 38-years-old lady who is a resident of Sehore district and working as a domestic help at Pandey’s farmhouse. While, victim’s husband was an employee in the security guard agency and as per the reports, the victim has been working at the farmhouse for the last 21 years.

After the victim complaint against them, they have been arrested by police and the investigation is underway. The farmhouse of the businessman is at Ratibad Village of the district. Devendra Pandey was retired from Rewa Government College, as per the reports of media.

A 38-years-old woman narrated the entire incident to her husband after Devendra Pandey and Shiv Narayan Pandey left the farmhouse and after that, the couple went to the police station and lodged a complaint against both of them. The victim also alleged that she was being rapped multiple times in her past by businessmen. While, she revealed to the police that Shiv Narayan Pandey recorded her video when she was taking shower in the farmhouse, and then, they started blackmailing her for favors.

Since then, the woman has continuously being raped by them. On Sunday, the professor visited the farmhouse for dinner and saw that Shiv Narayan Pandey forcing with the woman. Now, the investigation has been started by police, and they are investigating the matter deeply and trying to find something suspicious in this matter.

Now, Devendra Pandey and Shiv Narayan Pandey have been arrested by police on August 10 and they have been charged on the gang rape and they have also been sent to custody for further investigation. They will be taken for the hearing in court later til then, they will stay in police custody. Stay tuned for more updates.


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