Recently we will be going to share with you a piece of very heart-breaking news in which an 8-years-old girl allegedly raped by a 43-year-old man. Yes, Kolkata is a very genuine place but if the government doesn’t take any action against this incident then all the Indians much ashamed to becoming Indian. The incident that happened on 3rd February was the accused first raped the girl and then kill her. On Monday afternoon, the accused were found and arrested by Kolkata Police to investigate the entire matter. So, if you also want to know the entire incident then here we are providing every detail.


In the incident after a continuous five days of investigation, another accused was founded by the police whose name is Ranvir Tanti alias Raghubir. He is a local resident of Balia in the Begusarai district of Bihar. Let us tell you that Ranvir Tanti is a security guard of the North Kolkata building where the minor was murdered on the morning of 4 February was arrested by the detective department on Friday. Investigation revealed that he was an accomplice.

The girl was going to her relative’s house but on the way, the girl was kidnapped and raped by these two people. On 4th February 2021, the dead body of the girl was found in the Jorabagan area which is located close to the house where the girl going on. The joint commissioner of police, Murlidhar Sharma said that “Based on scientific evidence gathered by the forensic team and investigation by the detective department, Ram Kumar, the security guard, was detained. He was arrested after a long interrogation”.

The police are currently investigating the entire incident to know more details and the actual matter. Many big political parties are giving their attention to the rape case because it is actually a very ashamed thing that happened in Kolkata. The girl was killed with a knife and before killing the accused allegedly raped her at the place where Raghubr giving his duty of security guard. The second arrest joining the aspects of the case and clearing the entire matter in front of everyone. So, stick with us for more updates.


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